In order to truly advance your organisation’s innovation maturity, you need to address the structural issues which may be holding innovation back: Culture, Capability and Clear Direction.


Clear Direction. A strong culture and capabilities will leave you chasing your tail unless you have a clear direction. We work with you to:

  • Identify the place for innovation in your organisation

  • Articulate what you’re trying get out of innovation, know where you’re going and what success looks like

  • Provide clarity across the organisation so that innovation is not undermined


Culture. Clear direction and strong capabilities will only get you so far. If your culture is weak your employees will not feel invested in your vision. We’re not talking about bean bags, funky furniture and pool tables. We help you:

  • Develop the culture Dynamics that will drive performance in your organisation: the vision, mission & values.

  • Document the culture Mechanics that will underpin them: the KPIs, meetings, rituals and other instruments to gauge how you are tracking against your vision, mission and values.


Capability. A strong culture and clear direction will make progress feel slow and difficult unless you have the capabilities in place to support your teams.

We assist you in:

  • Developing a commercial, risk-taking and experimentation mindset within your risk, legal and brand teams

  • Improving decision making frameworks so that you can move faster

  • Developing policies that specifically apply to innovation initiatives

  • Working with procurement to enable you to partner with small businesses more easily