Peter Bradd

CEO of The Beanstalk Factory

Serial Entrepreneur, Charity Founder, Corporate Innovation and Government Policy Advisor. Peter is passionate about enabling Australians to innovate. He regularly works with traditional businesses to inject startup thinking, and is a regular speaker and writer on startup processes and culture.

Smart Company recognised Peter as one of Australia’s top 10 most influential people in tech in 2015. 

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Leo Cerda

Senior Innovation Consultant

Leo is passionate about getting new products, services and experiences defined and delivered in large organisations. He has worked in Financial Services for 12 years where he spanned business analysis, product management, product development and innovation.

A key skill of his is driving change through his ability to conceptualise scope to address a business need, validate direction through the use of design, and; mobilise a team to deliver a clearly articulated case for change.

Leo is resourceful and throws himself into any challenge with a willingness to challenge the status quo. He prides himself on his ability to focus and avoid ‘boiling the ocean’ in order to get things done

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Stuart Waite

Digital Transformation and IoT Specialist

Stuart founded and exited his previous company in excess of €10m.  

He has 3 times built and managed cross-functional teams in excess of 100 people. He transformed the operating structure of News Corp Australia’s digital team, introducing scaled agile and lean design thinking methodologies. He also designed and developed an end-to-end multi-platform digital publishing platform for the Shine Group. 

Stuart is a startup investor, mentor and digital transformation expert. He's focused on the strategic direction and delivery of innovative products to a multitude of platforms across Mobile, Web, TV and the Internet of Things.

With 20 plus years working in digital media he has developed a finely tuned sense of how best to build teams and implement digital transformation in businesses that are struggling to adapt to the disruption around them.

He's at the forefront of digital innovation and product design whose strategies and concepts are delivering the next generation of user experiences, engagement, business models, and content distribution.

A strong advocate for lean user-centric design, preferring simplicity in interfaces rather than technically over-engineered solutions. Stuart bridges the gap between marketers, content creators, agencies and brands, and the complex technology behind high-availability online connected systems.

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