Innovation Keynotes

Secure our founders Peter Bradd or Jack Delosa to speak at your next event.


Peter’s passion in life is to help Australian’s innovate.

He is the CEO of The Beanstalk Factory, Founding Director and Chairman StartupAUS, Lifetime Board Advisor for Fishburners. His focus at The Beanstalk Factory is enabling individuals within corporates to improve their ability to innovate faster and with more confidence through training and coaching. The Beanstalk Factory operates throughout Australia and works primarily with large ASX listed companies and government departments.

Peter is an active contributor to the growth of Australia’s startup ecosystem for the past decade. In 2011, he became a Founding Director of Sydney’s first tech co-working space, Fishburners - a thriving, sustainable place for startups, speakers, mentors and corporates to collaborate with each other. Fishburners is currently home to more than 175 technology startups.

In 2014 he Co-Founded StartupAUS, Australia's national advocacy body for startups where he am currently Director and Chairman. StartupAUS’s focus is working with government and industry to progress Australia's economic transformation through high-growth technology entrepreneurship. Australia has the passion and the drive but we need more founders, more tech-skills and a world-leading ecosystem to support them.

Peter Bradd has a vibrant energy and is an engaging speaker. He brings to the table years of experience from the startup scene, government policy and the innovation space.  Peter is often called upon by media, industry and government to share his opinion on innovation and the future of Australia’s economy.

Peter’s key message is “innovation is essential for Australia’s future”  and his keynotes are highly engaging and transformative. Using real live examples, analysing current trends and disruption he is able to shift the audience's thinking that innovation is both essential and achievable.



Jack Delosa is a counter-intuitive thinker who brings a refreshing and disruptive approach to organisations of all sizes. With over 10,000 hours of public speaking, Jack is an experienced orator who caters to corporate, university, government and entrepreneurial audiences.

Jack has spoken for and impacted the international audiences of TedX, AMEX, Virgin, Microso , Navitas, The Australian Federal Government, The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, UTS, Sydney University and many more. He’s also regularly asked for his opinion on business, innovation and entrepreneurial issues by national publications and institutions.

 The topics he’s most passionate about are:                               

• Developing a world-class culture. Infusing your business with vision, mission and values.             

• Touching the hearts and minds of your audience. How to truly connect with your customer in a way that others don’t.

  • Building a purpose-based business. Amplifying the heart beat of your organisation to develop a world class culture and a brand that touches people.   

• Consciously creating culture. Uniting people around a company purpose to create a culture where every individual is empowered to do their life’s best work.                   

• The innovator’s dilemma. Bringing entrepreneurial principles into big businesses.

• The future of education is not what it used to be. Disruption needs to take place within the traditional education system in order to better prepare students for the business world in 2016 and beyond.


Other ways we help your team innovate

  • strategic Innovation Review
    Led by Peter Bradd, this innovation review will identify what is holding your team back and provide the solutions to overcome these barriers.
  • train Innovation Training
    Invest in your people and provide them a structured discovery process to find problems worth solving. Lean, Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas.
  • coach Coaching
    On the job and applied coaching, ensures your people are implementing best practice and adapting it to your specific workplace.
  • rapid Prototype and Test
    with real customers
    Train your developers on MVP and prototypes or use our expert devs.
  • rapid Innovation Offsite
    Our expert team will help you plan and execute your innovation offsite, with a difference.
  • social Innovation Keynotes
    Invite our founders Peter Bradd or Jack Delosa to present a keynote to your team.