Everyone has heard of Jack and The Beanstalk, the fairy tale of how Jack and his family’s cash cow stops providing milk, forcing him to sell it. Instead Jack - an early entrepreneur - trades the cow for some magic beans  which eventually results in a profitable business selling golden eggs, and the hand in marriage of a beautiful princess.

Put like that it doesn’t sound so much of a fairy tale does it?  Here at the Beanstalk Factory we can see parallels between what Jack achieved and with modern business, in particular in terms of Corporate Disruption and Corporate Innovation.

It is the intention of every single business to bring in new revenue streams, while at the same time ensuring their current ones - their assets - are protected and grown. In today’s ever more competitive and challenging marketplace, everyone is scrambling around looking for those magic beans, anything that will give them that advantage, that step ahead.

That’s what we offer at the Beanstalk Factory. The help we provide our clients is not in the shape of magic beans or a golden egg laying goose, but rather tailored entrepreneurial coaching from serial entrepreneurs on how to use world leading innovation tools such as;

  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Reframing
  • Brainstorming
  • The Lean Canvas
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Mapping out your minimal value product process

We equip you and your team with a repeatable, structured discovery process, which not only enables you to find a problem worth solving, it then allows you to rapidly prototype and accelerate the solution. If your in house developers don't have time, we've got it covered with our partner UpGrowth

We may not promise you a princess at the end of it, but what we do guarantee is the fastest and most reliable way for your company to exceed its innovation objectives.

How we help your team to innovate

  • strategic Innovation Review
    Led by Peter Bradd, this innovation review will identify what is holding your team back and provide the solutions to overcome these barriers.
  • train Innovation Training
    Invest in your people and provide them a structured discovery process to find problems worth solving. Lean, Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas.
  • coach Coaching
    On the job and applied coaching, ensures your people are implementing best practice and adapting it to your specific workplace.
  • rapid Prototype and Test
    with real customers
    Train your developers on MVP and prototypes or use our expert devs.
  • rapid Innovation Offsite
    Our expert team will help you plan and execute your innovation offsite, with a difference.
  • social Innovation Keynotes
    Invite our founders Peter Bradd or Jack Delosa to present a keynote to your team.